Our Terms & Conditions

The deliveries, services and offers by Balaji Hydromet are exclusively subject to these terms and conditions, having their representative all over the world if any deviation forms the following above shall be require the written conformation to gain the effectiveness. Purchasing conditions of customers shall be also unbinding for Balaji Hydromet, even if Balaji Hydromet has not expressly objected to them.

Change and Improvements

All equipment described in Balaji Hydromet catalogues is subject to modification and improvement as may be dictated by subsequent developments. Accordingly, we reserve the right to change and improve items, to discontinue listings, and to add new ones without notice.

Shopping Cart

Balaji Hydromet cart comes with the two options Direct purchase and Quotation Mode. The product customer direct purchase price shown with discount and the product which not showing the price under the Quotation mode.

For the Quotation mode all the Quotation price is valid for the 60 days from the data of the generate by the customer.

Credit / Payment Terms

  • Balaji Hydromet accepts Visa®, Mastercard®, RuPay, PhonePay, Google pay etc. The Buyer is responsible for paying all freight, transport costs, and any applicable taxes.
  • Export Shipments will be made by advance payment in our company account through Payment remittance, PayPal and irrevocable letter of credit Payment in advance by special prior arrangement with Balaji Hydromet.
  • Cheques, draft, online, and bills of exchange are accepted for payment only against reimbursement of bank charges. Balaji Hydromet shall not be responsible for the timely presentation of checks, drafts and bills of exchange. Default interest and exchange charges are to be paid immediately by the customer or purchaser.

Contract, Agreements and Offer

  • Information on prices, delivery options, transportation and offer etc. on the telephone conversation shall not be valid without a prior written confirmation.
  • Balaji Hydromet is committed to do the work against any agreements has been done by the Balaji Hydromet and their customer. If any Dispute arise Balaji Hydromet has any legal authorise to take action against the customer.
  • Offer is update in our official website, partners and through emails for our existing customers.

Customs Documentation

Orders requiring specialized documentation may be subject to a documentation fee. This fee will be priced accordingly based on the customer requirements.

Cloud / Data Centre

Balaji Hydromet is providing the Cloud Service for data storing, monitoring and analysing from the telemetry instruments to our customer. Balaji Hydromet is ensure our customer to give the best and secure service for the cloud storage, if any cause or happening has been done in our server machine than, it will be rectified with in the minimum 6 hour to maximum 120 working hours, Balaji Hydromet tell our customers don’t be panic for that time. For this time interval data can be losses Balaji Hydromet regret for this but customer can access the data from the site.


  • The price is subject to GSTIN Excluding.
  • The prices indicated are, unless otherwise agreed, ex works Roorkee India excluding packaging; in the case of individual orders of more than Rs. 50,000 INR, they are free including packaging within INDIA, for the aboard customer packaging excluding.
  • For the Online shopping price is subject to be change according to the Stock Availability. If the stock is empty than the price can be chance according to the raw material input price. Balaji Hydromet follow the first come first serve policy for the selling the online Products. At the time of the online purchase whatever the price of the product Balaji Hydromet restricted to sell the product same price.

Error, Shortage and Complaints

  • Balaji Hydromet exercises due care to avoid errors and shortages of the material. However, where errors and shortages do occur, they should be reported within 4 days of receipt of the equipment.
  • All shipments should be opened immediately on delivery and the contents checked against the packing list sent with the shipment. Otherwise Balaji Hydromet not responsible for your losses.
  • Where errors are the fault of Balaji Hydromet they will be rectified without delay.

Taxes and Import Duties

All destination taxes, duties, custom clearance, importation fees, and importation documentation expenses are to be paid by the purchaser, unless specific provisions to the contrary are made at the time the order is placed.


All prices shown are EXW at our Balaji Hydromet factory-: Khasra No. 1027, Salempur Rajputan, Industrial Area, Roorkee 247667 Haridwar Uttarakhand India

  • Ownership and risk transfers to the consignee (the Buyer) once goods transfer from the Balaji Hydromet factory. As such, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to secure their own shipment and cargo insurance.
  • For customers with an approved credit /payments line, Balaji Hydromet will prepay and add freight costs to the invoice according to the incoterm’s mode of the transports FCA, FOB, CIF etc, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, by pre-approval from Balaji Hydromet, the Buyer is responsible for all related freight and transport.
  • Balaji Hydromet having the DHL, FEDEX account for which having the discount price available time to time on the customer request Balaji Hydromet provided the transportation charges form them also.

ON Site / Field Service

Balaji Hydromet offers Field Service Training to client’s personnel in assembly, installation, and operation of the instruments. part thereof, will be charged as follows:

  • Balaji Hydromet charge the generally Rs. 1800 / day for one person. It will be increase and decrease according to the site condition, final charges can be decided the mutual singing contact between buyer and Balaji Hydromet.
  • Time required for working on the job including time over 8 hours per day. Minimum charge for the extra time is Rs. 300 per hours.
  • Standby time at the job site up to a maximum of 8 hours per day.
  • Time required for traveling between accommodation and Job site for our engineer is done by the purchaser/ buyer. Travel and Living expenses charged has been done by purchaser / buyer for our engineer and person.


  • All items returned for repair, both warranty and non-warranty, must have an officially issued Repair Letter (RL) number with product status.
  • Balaji Hydromet will provide no cost repairs for returned items found to be under warranty.
  • For non-warranty items, Balaji Hydromet will provide the customer with a repair cost estimate and will require customer approval prior to starting any repair work.
  • All returns for repair must be sent to Balaji Hydromet with shipping charges from customer/ buyer office or premises to Balaji Hydromet factory pre-paid by the purchaser or vice versa.
  • All repairs are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in our warranty statement.
  • Please contact Balaji Hydromet directly for more information.
  • Balaji Hydromet will not accept, nor work on, returns that are lacking a Repair Letter number.

Order Cancels, Return Policy and Recission

  • Equipment is not to be returned without first contacting Balaji Hydromet and obtaining its consent. Customer must receive a Material Repair Letter number from Balaji Hydromet prior to returning material.
  • All approved returns must be in like-new condition and resalable. The items must also be packaged to prevent damage during transit, insured, and transportation prepaid by the purchaser, unless otherwise agreed upon by Balaji Hydromet.
  • Returned equipment and cancelled orders are subject to a 30% of the total value has been deducted by the Balaji Hydromet. Rest of the money paid to the purchaser /customer.
  • Balaji Hydromet has accepted cancellation the order within 36 hours for the time of place the order.
  • Orders for custom manufactured products and Balaji Hydromet part numbers with an “Z” designation, are not eligible for cancellation of the order once manufacturing has been started, nor eligible for return once shipped to the customer.
  • If after the conclusion of the contract, Balaji Hydromet learns that a significant deterioration has occurred in the financial situation of the customer, or that their pecuniary circumstances have led to their tools, machines, stocks or receivabled have been pledged, or if the customer fails to pay their due invoices immediately despite a reminder, then Balaji Hydromet shall reserve the right to withdraw from the contract and / or demand compensation for the non-performance, without the customer being entitled to claim damages from Balaji Hydromet. Likewise, Balaji Hydromet shall have the right to withdraw from the contract without the customer being able to make demands on them, if their execution of the order is made impossible by unforeseen regulatory measures, operational settings, lack of raw materials, fire or similar accidents. In the case of non-availability of the contractual object, Balaji Hydromet shall be obliged to immediately inform the customer about the unavailability and to reimburse the customer without delay.

Risk & Responsibility

The Balaji Hydromet responsibility for merchandise damaged in transit ceases when the merchandise has been delivered to the carrier for shipment and a valid receipt obtained. Claims for damage in transit are to be made with the carrier, and damaged containers or other evidence of rough handling should be noted at the time of receipt, and the containers retained until the claim is resolved.

Law, Jurisdiction

  • The Business Relationship and the entire legal relationship between Balaji Hydromet and the customer shall be governed by the law of the Republic of India under exclusion of the uniform international sales law.
  • Balaji Hydromet yet not having any jurisdiction, but any than it will solve in Roorkee Court.


Balaji Hydromet warrants its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. If the unit should malfunction, it must be returned to the factory for evaluation, freight prepaid by the purchaser after examination by Balaji Hydromet, if the unit is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. But some of the case the product comes with the onsite warranty it clear by the purchaser before the purchase the product and Balaji Hydromet receiving the purchase order. However, the WARRANTY is VOID if the unit shows evidence of having been tampered with or shows evidence of being damaged as a result of excessive corrosion or current, heat, moisture or vibration, improper specification, misapplication, misuse or other operating conditions outside of Balaji Hydromet’s control. Components which wear, or which are damaged by misuse, are not warranted. This includes fuses and batteries.

Balaji Hydromet manufactures scientific instruments whose misuse is potentially dangerous. The instruments are intended to be installed and used only by qualified personnel. There are no warranties except as stated herein. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose. Balaji Hydromet is not responsible for any damages or losses caused to other equipment, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, natural calamity or consequential, which the purchaser may experience as a result of the installation or use of the product. The buyer’s sole remedy for any violation of this agreement by Balaji Hydromet or any violation of any warranty by Balaji Hydromet shall not exceed the purchase price paid by the purchaser to Balaji Hydromet for the unit or units, or equipment directly affected by such Balaji Hydromet. Under no circumstances will Balaji Hydromet reimburse the claimant for loss incurred in removing and/or reinstalling equipment.

Every precaution for accuracy has been taken in the preparation of manuals and/or software, however, Balaji Hydromet neither assumes responsibility for any omissions or errors that may appear nor assumes liability for any damages or losses that result from the use of the products in accordance with the information contained in the manual or software.