Balaji HydroMet is one of the leading manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters of the HydroMeteorological and scientific instruments in INDIA. BHM"s Staff has more than decade experience provided the best Quality product according to their application locations within INDIA and aboards. Balaji HydroMet offers a range of environmental monitoring, data acquisition and reporting solutions for water, air and energy applications in INDIA and abroad. Balaji HydroMet is an authorised distributor on the germany based company named UNDATEC - Flow measurement solutions provides cost effective solution in the filed of Water flow Measurment. BHM staff provides the best technology in market to their customers.Balaji HydroMet's products Distributor in Nepal and Bhutan.

Our Goal at Balaji HydroMet is to manufaurctring and supply the instrument that is right for our client and their specific application. Regardless of location, extreme conditions or integration requirements, BHM is dedicated to finding the solution that is best for colletcing, retrieving, storing and sending the most accurate and reliable data possible to their customers with 100% statifaction.

Balaji Hydromet

Balaji Hydromet Team Members

Balaji Hydromet Manuraj Sharma

Position: Sales and Purchase Manager
Contact: +91 - 750041199 / 8077844804
Email: balajihydromet@gmail.com

Mr. Manuraj Sharma have come with 15 years environmental monitoring experience through technical management within a experters Engineers with his ancestors company. Formally qualified through the Uttarpradesh Technical University with a Bachelor of Technology in Comupter Science degree in 2009 and have the experience of more than 20 River Discharge Measurment Bank Operated Cableway System estalblishment, project of Dam testing and Hydrometeorological data collection in India and abroad. This technical experience lends itself to supporting customers in the role as Sales and Marketing Manager, also share its knoweledge in the software development in webdesign.

Balaji Hydromet Anuraj Sharma

Position: Technical Manager
Contact: +91 - 9412999469 / 8077189512
Email: balajihydromet@gmail.com

Mr. Anuraj Sharma began his career with Hydro meteorological instruments manufacturing and services in 2013. As an Electronic and Communication Engineer was complete in 2009. He had done in the Embedded System diploma from CDAC. In His one year Service complete all more than 10 project. After he join and offers extensive experience in the Meteorological and hydrological instrumentation and equipment for use in all areas of hydrology including stream gauging, sediment sampling, and meteorology and water quality. With experience in embedded and software development he has played a key role in the manufacturing and designing the products.